Proctor Approval Form

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Please fill out the form to the best of your ability. We have a 5 FULL business day turnaround from the time you submit your form to the time your Proctor will receive your testing materials*. (We are not open evenings or weekends.  These periods do not count towards the turnaround time.)

*Approval is dependent on your proctor submitting an additional form we send them. Let them know to check their email for it.

*Any student found submitting in false information about a proctor in the request form or found using someone outside of Testing Services Policies will be reassigned a proctor at our discretion. Reassignment will involve another testing center of our approval.

Classes will be added as we receive forms from Instructors. If your class is not listed, please contact your instructor. DO NOT fill out the proctor form if your class isn't listed!

    • Math classes cannot use any School Administer or teacher. Math classes can use the following as proctors:
      • Testing Centers (preferred)
      • Librarians (providing they have the right credentials and space)
      • Military Educational officers (ONLY if in the Military)