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Recommended for credit by the American Council on Education (ACE), the 38 subject-level exams are offered in diverse disciplines and cover upper and lower-level baccalaureate credit courses. Thousands of colleges and universities recognize and recommend DSST exams for credit to students of all kind, from adult learners to returning veterans!

What is a DSST Exam?

  • DSST is an effective method to provide your college with evidence of prior learning. In fact, the 38 exams available at a competitive fee complement other credit by exam programs such as CLEP. Prior Learning Assessment will help you accelerate your path to degree completion while saving you the time it takes to sit through a course as well as the additional dollars spent on tuition.
  • While the exams are funded for active-duty military and their spouses, DSST tests are not just for those in the military. Adult learners, home-schooled students, and military veterans are also eligible to earn college credits through DSST.

For SIU Students:

  • Testing Services recommends that you speak with your advisor first before you sign up for any exam. Speaking with your advisor will ensure that you can receive the right credit for your exam.

For Non-SIU Students:

  • Testing Services is an open test center. That means that ANYONE can take a DSST exam at testing services and have their scores sent to any other school. You should check with the school you plan to attend to make sure that your DSST exam is accepted there. Each school has their own requirements for DSST credit.

For Veterans and Military Personnel:

  • All active duty military personnel, with a military ID card, are eligible to have the DSST test fee waived at the time of your test. You are still responsible for the $33.00 Testing Services proctoring fee. Click here for more information.

To Prepare for your Exam:

  • Find out if your college accepts DSST. Use the DSST College Search Function provided by College Board and decide which one to take. Make sure you check with the individual college for requirements and rules. Not all Colleges accept the same credit or the same scores for credit. If you are an SIU student, you can find this information in the Undergraduate Catalog or speak with your advisor.
  • Read a description of each exam to decide which one you would like to take. Descriptions can be found here.
  • Study. Study guides can be found at this link. Testing Services does not provide study materials, but if you are an SIU student you can use the Library, LearningExpress Library for additional study guides.
  • Come prepared to take your exam. You will need to bring in two forms of ID. One must be government-issued and unexpired (driver's license for example) and the other must contain your name and a photo or signature. You cannot take the exam without a photo ID.

DSST Exams

Category Information
Exam Dates: Exam dates can be found here.
Cost: The current cost of the exam is $80.00 for the exam and a $33.00 Proctoring Fee.
Registration: You can register online here.
Disability Accommodations: Please Call Testing Services to make arrangements.
Location On Campus: All DSST exams are taken at Morris Library, 7th floor, room 781