Guidelines and Best Practices

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Guidelines and Best Practices for using SIU Testing Services

  • During the first week, students should be advised as to any special requirements needed in order to take exams, this list may include, but is not limited to the following:

    • The need for a proctor along with any specific guidelines for the selection of such. Please refer students here.
    • Deadlines for the selection of a proctor and enforce it. We like to have students find a proctor by the second week of classes. Testing Services also has a 5 business day turnaround time to authorize proctors and get exam materials out to them. Students should be notified that some proctors may charge a fee and that the payment of the fee is the responsibility of the student.
    • A listing of the exam dates and general exam rules. Providing the exam dates will minimize the need of students for finding multiple and last minute proctors.
    • A description of any special technology requirements needed for the delivery or return of the exam materials. ( ie. Lockdown browser, use of a scanner)
  • Paper exams are due at least a week before the exam window, changes to the exam cannot be made after that point.
  • Please make sure that the exam passwords submitted on this form match the passwords you entered into D2L.
  • Testing Services is not responsible for returning graded exams to students. This should be handled by the Instructor or TA.
  • The Center for Teaching Excellence assists Instructors with D2L content, Testing Services assists Instructors with exam administration, both on and off campus. The Center for Teaching Excellence number is 618.453.2258.
  • Completed paper exams will be available for pickup by the Instructor or authorized contact the morning after the due date for the exam. Off campus Instructors can also expect emailed exams at that time.
  • Testing Services does not give exams Monday mornings. If you schedule a deadline on a Monday please be aware that we are only open from 1:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m. on Mondays