Testing Services Policies

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Testing Services is dedicated to creating fair testing environment. The Testing Lab is monitored by 24-hour video surveillance. While each exam sponsor may have additional guidelines and restrictions, all examinees are expected to follow the basic guidelines listed below. Upon arrival, examinees are asked to present clear photo identification and sign-in. At that time prohibited items are stored in the provided locker. Prohibited items are not allowed for any reason in the Testing Lab.

Prohibited Items include:

Electronic Devices such as cell phones, fitness trackers, watchers of any kind, hand-held computers (PDAs) and any other WIFI compatible devices.

Outerwear such as coats, hats, hoodies, and scarves.

Books, notes, and all other study aids, unless otherwise specified by the instructor/exam sponsor. Testing Services provides scratch paper if allowed.

Food, beverages and gum.

Personal belongings such as keys, wallets, bags, and purses.

Weapons of any kind.

Other items as indicated by Testing Services.  Pockets must be completely empty before enter the Testing Lab.

Any item taken in to the Testing Lab may be subject to inspection.

Medical devices, cough drops, and tissues are allowed upon inspection.

Prohibited Behavior

Students are expected to adhere to the Student Conduct Code, found here.  All visitors are expected to refrain from the following behaviors:

Conversing with other examinees during testing.

Looking at other’s computer screens or testing material.

Looking up answers on the Internet.

Rude, obscene, or intimidating behavior directed toward other examinees or staff.

Removing test questions, material, scratch paper from Testing Services.

Discussing any part of exams with others.