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Through its Proficiency examination program, the University recognizes the importance of providing encouragement for academically talented students.

Steps for taking a Proficiency Exam:

  • If you are ON CAMPUS, simply register by going to the Registration page and picking the test you would like to take.
  • If you are OFF CAMPUS and would like your proficiency exam PROCTORED, you must:
    1. Pay to take your exam by going to the Registration page and picking underneath Proficiency exam "Proficiency Exam-taken off Campus".
    2. After you have paid for the exam, you must fill out a Proficiency Proctor form, to have your exam material sent to your Proctor.

The following general rules govern the proficiency examinations for undergraduate credit:

  1. Students who believe they are qualified to take a proficiency examination should check with the department offering the course to determine their eligibility to do so. Students scoring the top ten percent of ACT are particularly encouraged to avail themselves of this opportunity.
  2. Credit not to exceed thirty hours (fifteen hours toward an associate degree), including credit through the CollegeBoard Advanced Placement Program and the College Level Examination Program, may be earned through proficiency examinations. Credit will be considered nonresident. A combined total of 40 hours may be earned through proficiency examinations and credit for work experience.
  3. All University Core Curriculum courses are available for proficiency credit, subject to specified restrictions.
  4. Upon passing proficiency examinations, students are granted course credit and receive a Pass grade. Their records will show the name of the course, the hours of credit granted, and the notation ‘‘credit granted by proficiency examination. ”Students who fail a proficiency examination receive a Fail grade. This results in no penalty to the students. They will not receive credit and there will be no official record regarding the proficiency examination. However, the proficiency examination grade report form will be in the student’s file for reference purposes.
  5. Students may not take proficiency examinations for the same course more than one time. Nor may they take a proficiency examination in a course in which they have previously received a grade. Students who are registered for a course may not receive credit by proficiency examination for that course unless they withdraw from the course by the date during the semester, which would result in no course entry appearing on the transcript. This date is the end of the second week for a regular semester course, and a correspondingly shorter period for summer session or short courses. Individual departments may require the proficiency examination to be completed in advance of this date.
  6. No credit granted by proficiency examinations will be recorded until the student has earned at least 12 hours of credit of C grade or above in residence at the University.

Below are the proficiency exams offered at Testing Services.

Department Course # Referral Timing
Allied Health AH 105 None Untimed
Biology BIOL 202 None 50 min.
Chemistry CHEM 106, 140A, 200A, 210 None 2 Hrs.
Cinema & Photography CP 101 None 3.5 Hrs.
Economics ECON 113 None 100 min.
Economics ECON. 240, 241, 302i None 2 Hrs.
Geology GEOG 103 None 1 Hr.
Health Education HED 101 None Untimed
Information Systems Technology ISAT 229 None 2.5 Hrs.
Kinesiology KIN 101 None 2 Hrs.
Mass Communications and Media Arts MCMA 204 None 3.5 Hrs.
Mathematics MATH 101, 107, 108, 109, 110, 111,125, 139, 140, 150, 250, 251 Departmental 2 Hrs.
Microbiology MICR 201 Departmental 2 Hrs.
Music MUS 103 None 2 Hrs.
Philosophy PHIL 105 None 2 Hrs.
Plant Biology PLB 117, 301i, PLB/ZOOL 115 None 2 Hrs.
Sociology SOC 108 None 1.25 Hrs.
Communication Studies CMST 101

CMST 101 Part 1 description and guidelines

CMST 101 Part 2 description and guidelines

Communication Studies CMST 201 None  75 in.
University UNIV 101 None 90 min.

Registration Information:

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Exam Dates: Exam dates can be found here.
Cost: The current cost of the exam is $53.00
Registration: You can register online here.
Disability Accommodations: Please Call Testing Services to make arrangements.
Location On Campus: Morris Library, Room 781